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Puzzle House Pantomimes

These fun-filled family friendly scripts offer traditional tales in pantomime format. In addition, each script features a puzzle that can only be solved with the help of the audience!

Scripts were originally produced for a company with six or seven actors. Scenery and staging were kept to a minimum. Running time 90 minutes.

Puzzle packs linked to the pantomimes can be made available.

Scripts available:

CINDERELLA - on tour January 2018! Book here

Can kind-hearted Cinderella escape from the scullery and her ragged dresses and dance with Prince Charming at the palace? The forgetful Fairy Godmother has her work cut out to thwart the Ugly Sisters, Citronella and Mozzarella in this classic rags-to-riches story.


How can Dick Whittington, a penniless and homeless young lad, defeat the evil schemes of King and Queen Rat to take over London? Feisty Fairy Bowbells, Tommy the magic cat, Idle Jack and Dame Delia Fitzwarren are on hand to help our hero in his adventures.


The evil sorceress Abanestra wants to release a powerful Genie from a magic lamp hidden deep in the Cave of Demons… happy-go-lucky Aladdin is the only one who can help her. Can Widow Twankey, Wishee-Washee and Princess Jasmine keep Aladdin out of danger?


It is many years since Granny Smith chased the last wolf away from Sunnydale… but the big, bad wolf has returned to seek his revenge on Red Riding Hood. Prince William, Old King Conkers, Squire Cheatem, Meddle and Muddle join in the adventure.


The wicked witch Morgueena has declared that young Princess Emma is fated to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and sleep forever. Merlin the magician, Hogwart – the young apprentice, and Nanny Norah Bone must try to break the curse.


A magical beanstalk gives Jack Trott the chance to climb to the Land of Clouds to try and rescue Princess Desiree. Dame Buttercup Trott, Simple Simon and Daisy the cow help Jack try to defeat the Giant, his wicked wife and bumbling baddies Nabbit and Grabbit.