Promotional Materials

Have you ever thought about using puzzles and quizzes as a promotional or marketing tool? We have!! Here are just some of our projects:

  • Themed puzzles, crosswords and word searches.
  • Competitions, gardening catalogues, holiday brochures, supermarket trolley dash.
  • Promotional material, puzzles on fruit juice cartons, educational poster for a well known brand of yoghurt.
  • Quizzes for schools, churches, clubs and societies, compiled exclusively, personalised material to special requirements.
  • Seasonal quizzes – brainteasers with a Winter, Christmas, Spring or Easter flavour.
  • Raising money?

You name it, we’ve written a puzzle about it! Promote, advertise or raise funds at very competitive rates.

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Quick Quiz

Can you answer these questions which were included in a school quiz to help fund a new school bus?

  1. In which city were buses first used?
  2. Since the 1920s most London buses are which colour?
  3. Who wrote the novel Last Bus to Woodstock?

Quick Quiz answers:

  1. Paris
  2. Red
  3. Colin Dexter (a Morse novel)