The Puzzle House are authors of a well established best-selling series of Pub Quiz books and have produced a number of specialist quiz titles on popular subjects including soccer, film, television and pop music. As well as handling major projects such as books with in excess of 10,000 questions, we provide quiz packs tailored to the specific interests of individual groups, schools or societies.

  • Quizzes produced for the adult and children’s market.
  • General knowledge or subject-based.
  • Graded levels of difficulty.
  • Multiple choice answers if needed.
  • Our files are continually updated with current news stories so that we produce a mixture of topical and timeless questions.

Quick Quiz!

  1. Which star of an Oscar winning film wore nothing but a bow tie at the 2012 Oscars ceremony?
  2. On a standard computer keyboard, which letter in the word WORD does not appear on the top line of letters?
  3. Near which English football ground is there a pub called The Royal Dyche?
  4. How many times do you sing ‘Happy’ in one chorus of the traditional ‘Happy Birthday to You’?
  5. What is the total of all the numbers in the bottom row of a standard 1-9 Sudoku puzzle?


Quick Quiz Answers

  1. Uggie (Dog in ‘The Artist’)
  2. D
  3. Turf Moor (Burnley) 
  4. Four
  5. 45